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Rocky Passages
Rocky Passages.jpg
Acrylic on canvas, 24" x 48"

Looming Landscapes & Curious Creatures

Abstracted Landscapes
by Mickey Bond

The rugged landscapes of Nambe, Abiquiu and Santa Fe, and the cows that graze them inspired the series of canvases entitled, Looming Landscapes and Curious Creatures.  As a dedicated plein air painter, I spend as much time as I can out of doors observing, drawing and painting.  The paintings drawn from this experience reflect different seasons, weather conditions, times of the day, and frames of mind.  In each painting I have sought to evoke the dynamic natural forces that created the landscape of northern New Mexico and continue to shape it today.

All art seeks to translate an experience of something intangible and incommunicable into something tangible and communicable.  The scenes and animals I paint are abstracted from my experience of nature's drama and mystery.  The plasticity of acrylic and the translucency of some polymer mediums allow me to record and reveal my process in each painting. Gestured brushwork, an expressionist palette, sculptural peaks and grooves created with thick polymer mediums and a play of lost and found edges are tangible tools I use in an ongoing work of translation.

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and raised in the Boston area, Mickey Bond has lived in Santa Fe since 1994.  She was recently interviewed for an Albuquerque Journal North Lifestyles’ article: “Encounters with the Muse: Artists Find Creative Challenge and Fellowship in Short, Intensive Workshops,” by Emily Van Cleve (June 30, 2005).  The article features Bond’s “path from amateur to professional painter,” and may be read on-line at the Albuquerque Journal North’s website.


Dark Mountains, Sailing Clouds, Acrylic on canvas
Dark Mountains.jpg
Triptych: two 24" x 30" canvases flanking one 15" x 30" canvas

Expressive Landscapes in Acrylic